Jul 24,2014

Five major advantages booster nanan hardware plumbing industry cluster development

Fujian nanan is China's building sanitary ceramics association decided that one of the three largest sanitary ware industry cluster in China. Nether pale town located in the "China plumbing city", has become China's largest plumbing valve market.

With the approval of the provincial bureau of quality and technical supervision, plumbing fire control products quality inspection center of fujian province have settled in China plumbing city. In Southampton, zhongyu, nine animal husbandry, brilliant, ShenLu for four big Chinese famous brand, led the local more than 600 manufacturing enterprises and form a complete set of more than one thousand enterprises of the country's development, nowadays, nanan local plumbing sanitary ware enterprises, products have perfect to hutch unifinication, regional brand and enterprise brand jumped out.

As a rural town, the town of hebron pale, why can form sanitary ware industry gathering? What are their experience is worth learning from?

One is to start early, good foundation. Southampton is a plumbing in the development of the earliest start production base, production enterprises, not only, and practitioners brand foundation. The current domestic plumbing industry gathers here four of the seven Chinese famous brand, China's top ten valve manufacturing enterprises have nine in Southampton, have further development requirement.

Second is to Southampton man mastered by more than 60% of the country's plumbing sales. Now in the decision of the development of market economy, the market advantage will lead to Southampton is the competition of other production base.

3 it is informed. Southampton is a famous overseas Chinese hometown, there are millions of overseas Chinese all over the world and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots. Nanan Chinese will not only generously funded, village, also bring back some of the latest information on overseas, into a quick access to business opportunities at Southampton and plumbing industry rapid development relying on convenient channels.

Fourth, minnan people mercantilist, dares to rush, to dare to spell, adventurous, and also very persistent, don't throw in the towel, can bear hardships and stand hard work. Minnan people are good at running your own network, with five they flange (flange, kinship, edge, edge geographical and god) a business network. Their network all over the country, to overseas. It is understood that the current quanzhou 86 foreign chamber of commerce in the whole world, in all parts of the country also has 66 quanzhou chamber of commerce. With the aid of this worldwide network resources, will take at Southampton plumbing products to all over the world.

Fifth, nanan town two levels of government and shimron pale has set stage for Southampton plumbing industry development plan, for Southampton plumbing industry towards the world laid a solid foundation. China plumbing city planning land 1020 mu, and the third phase of development. The first phase of the land of 186 mu, total construction area of 93800 meters, a total of 489 showrooms, 18 display field, and put into use in September 2005. All exhibition hall has been merchants booked up before opening, currently in stores more than 400.

The second phase of the land of 236 mu, total construction area of 176000 square meters, the exhibition hall more than 600 sets, put into use in completion by the end of 2007. China plumbing city set product display, exhibition, warehousing, logistics, trade, research and development into an organic whole, is currently the largest, the most advanced planning China, supporting the most complete plumbing professional market. In particular, China plumbing city phase ii of the guinness book of world square, the area more than 12000 square meters, as China (south home pump valve plumbing fair permanent venue, can hold all kinds of fairs, exhibitions, new product launch, the style of various large activities, is the first in the domestic market.

Nanan plumbing industry cluster the successful experience of enlightenment to us, only the product of the country and around the world, realize the scale, specialization of the size of the market, to attract buyers from all over the world come and purchase products.