After-sales service

Our commitment:

Promptly reported to the customer new product development information, enabling customers to benefit from the diversification of products;

Promptly reported to the customer product quality problems, does not result in customer loss due to product quality problems;

For customers reflect the quality of the answer to the first time to deal with, to minimize the damage;

According to the end-user needs to guide the proper use of our products;

Regular contact with customers, listen to their customers for our products and services, comments and suggestions.

Technology, service commitment

(1) on-site service

In preparation, installation, commissioning and quality assurance period, we will send experienced engineers to the site to provide users with reliable technical services.

● Installation and commissioning of: sending an engineer or technician to the scene to guide the installation and provision of technical services; provide users with the necessary training, so that users can skillfully operate; guidance equipment running tests and inspections, if the test found quality problems due to equipment leaving original equipment performance and technical requirements of a deviation, the company responsible solution, until it meets requirements.

● Quality warranty period: send professional engineering and technical personnel to guide operation and running;

● During normal operation: according to customer requirements, ready for dispatch officers to the scene to customer service. Lifetime to provide users with maintenance services, parts only charge the cost of fees.

(2) technical services and technical data

To ensure the quality of the project, provide on-site installation, commissioning, maintenance and other relevant information. Ensure the timely delivery of tenders under the relevant technical documents and drawings. To provide users with a complete installation manual, operation maintenance manuals; qualified for the customer satisfaction and electrical equipment and first-class technical services. At any time to provide users with detailed technical information on new products.

(3) service response deadline

Customer quality complaints, be answered within 2 hours; quality incident handling, arrived at the scene within 48 hours. Until the fault.