Jul 24,2014

The valve maintenance of common sense

The valve maintenance of common sense

* daily maintenance of valve is the most basic knowledge

1, the valve should be save dry ventilated room, access both ends must be blocked.

2, long-term storage of the valve should be checked regularly, remove dirt, and rust-proof oil coating on the surface of the processing.

3, after installation, should check regularly, main inspection items: (1) the sealing surface wear. (2) of the stem and stem nut abrasion of trapezoidal thread. (3) packing is outdated failure, if any, should be replaced in a timely manner. (4) the valve

Maintenance after the assembly, should carry on the sealing performance test. (a) keep the purpose of maintaining custody, is to keep the valve in the custody of the damage, or lower quality. In fact,

Proper care is one of the important reasons for the damage.

The valve, should be in good order, small valve on top of the shelf, large valves

Available in warehouse lined up on the ground, not heap crib, don't let flange junction surface contact with the ground. This not only for beautiful, mainly is to protect

The valve does not bad. The hand wheel broken because of improper storage and handling, the valve stem touch tilt, the handwheel and fixed stem nut loose loss, and so on, these unnecessary losses, should be avoided. To not use the valve in the short term, we should remove the asbestos packing, lest produce electrochemical corrosion, damage to the valve stem.

The valve of entered the library

, check, such as in the process of transportation into the rain water or dirt, try to wipe clean, then to the store. Import and export with wax paper or plastic seal, valve into the dirt in case.

To be rusty in the atmosphere valve machining surface to tu rust-proof oil, to protect it.

Placed outside the valve, must cover the linoleum or tarpaulin items such as rain, dust. Hold the valve

The warehouse should keep clean and dry. (2) the purpose of the maintenance in operation and maintenance, is to extend the service life of the valve and assure reliable opening and closing. The valve stem threads,

Often with stem nut friction to apply p redictors oil, molybdenum disulfide or graphite powder, lubrication. Don't often open/close the valve

, also want to turn the handwheel, regularly add lubricant to the valve stem threads, in case of biting. Outdoor valves, to be on the valve stem and cases, in case of rain, snow, dust tarnishing. If the valve

Machinery to move, to add lubricating oil for transmission on time. Always keep the valve is clean. To regularly check and maintain the valve

The other parts integrity. Such as hand wheel fixed nut off, should be used to match neat, can't do, otherwise you will grind garden stem top four sides, gradually lose with reliability, and can't start. Don't rely on the valve

Support other heavy things, don't stand on the valve. The valve stem, especially the threaded portion, often should wipe,

To have been the dust dirty lubricant to switch to the new, because the hard stuff is contained in the dust, easy to wear thread and stem surface, affect the service life of the valve in the maintenance operation

1, clean the surface of the valve, the valve stem and valve stem nut on the trapezoidal thread,

Stem nut and stent sliding parts and components such as gear, worm gear and worm can product many dirt, oil and residue medium stolen goods, the valve

Wear and corrosion. So often maintain the cleanness of external activity and valve parts, to protect the valve

Paint a complete, is obviously very important. The dirt on the valve applies to sweep brush brush and compressed air purge;

Trapezoidal thread and teeth of stolen goods is suitable for cloth; Valves on the oil and residue is suitable for steam purge,

Even with copper wire

Scrub, until the processing surface, mating surface show metallic luster, paint paint color so far. Trap should be someone who's in charge of, check at least once per shift, regular open the flush valve and plug at the bottom of the trap to wash, or remove the wash regularly, in order to avoid stolen goods block valves.

2, lubrication of the valve

The valve of ladder

Thread, stem nut and stent sliding parts, bearing parts, gears and worm gear and worm gearing parts and other activities, all need good lubrication condition, reduce the friction between each other, each other to avoid wear and tear. If some parts there are oil cup or nozzle, damage or loss in the operation, should repair equipment, oil to dredge. Lubrication parts should be lubricated periodically according to the specific situation. Often open and high temperature

The valve suitable for interval once a weeks to a month come on; Often do not open the valve, temperature is not high

Refueling cycle can be longer. Lubricants such as oil, butter, mos2 and graphite. High temperature valve is not

Suitable for used engine oil, butter, they will loss due to high temperature melting, and is suitable for injection of molybdenum disulfide and wipe clean graphite powder. The parts of the need for bare lubrication, such as the trapezoidal thread, gear and other parts, if use the oil fat such as butter, infected with dirt easily, and lubrication mos2 and graphite powder, is infected with dirt is not easy, the lubrication effect is better than yellow. Graphite powder is not easy to apply directly, can use a few used synthetic oil or water cream shape. Oil seal cock valve oil should be in accordance with the stipulated time, otherwise easy to wear and leakage. 3, the maintenance of the valve

Operation of the valve,

All kinds of valves shall be complete and in good condition. Flange and bolt on the stent are indispensable, thread should be intact and are not allowed to have loose phenomenon. Loose fastening nut on the wheel, such as found should be tight in time, in order to avoid wear joint or missing the handwheel and nameplate. Wheel if you are lost, do not allow the use of a wrench, should be complete in a timely manner. Packing gland are not allowed to skew or no preloaded gap. For vulnerable to snow and rain, dust, sand and dirt from the environment of the valve, the valve stem to install shield. Valve rod should be intact,

Accurate and clear. The valve

The seal, blocks, such as pneumatic accessories shall be complete in good condition. Heat preservation jacket should have no sag, crack. Don't allow the person beat, standing on the operation of the valve or bearing weight; Especially non-metal valve

And cast iron valves, more to ban.

Electric equipment daily maintenance work, usually monthly lot with one more time. Maintenance content are: appearance is clean, no dust on product: device does not suffer indignities, water and oil contamination. Electric actuator good seal, the sealing surface and point should be full of strong, tight, no leakage. Good lubrication performance of the electric device should be on time, in accordance with the provisions, come on, add grease stem nut. Electric parts should be in good condition, avoid by all means dampness and dust; If be affected with damp be affected with damp, need to use 500 v megohmmeter measuring all current-carrying parts and shell, the insulation resistance between the value of no less than 0.38 ohms, or deal with relevant parts for dry processing. Automatic switch and thermal relay should not tripping, indicator light display correctly, shape, short circuit, open circuit fault. The working state of the electric actuator is normal, flexible open and close. Pneumatic device of the daily maintenance work, in general, many with a monthly maintenance of the main contents are: the appearance is clean, no dust on product: device does not suffer indignities, water and oil contamination. Pneumatic device hungry, good sealing, the sealing surface and point shall be complete, rigorous condition. Manual operating mechanism should be good lubrication, easy. Import and export gas cylinder joints are not allowed to damage; Cylinder, and air piping should be carefully check each part, shall not have an impact on performance of leakage. Sag is not permitted in the pipe, the signal should be in good condition, the annunciator lights should be in good condition, both pneumatic signal, and thread of electric signal connection should be in good condition, can not have leakage. Pneumatic valve on the processing

Should be in good condition, no leak, open and flexible, air flow. The pneumatic device should be in normal working state, flexible open and close.